How To Get More Subscribers And Sales...

“Email Marketing is STILL the Best, Quickest and Easiest Way to Reach Your Audience, Build Profitable Relationships, and Turn Your Content Into Cash in the Bank!”

And now you too can start generating more money from your mailing list – once you know these tips, tricks and hacks!

Whether you’re a beginner who wants to get your business started on the right foot, or a seasoned veteran who wants the distilled digest version of every major profit-growing tactic right at your fingertips, Evergreen Profit Principles is for you!

Dear List-Builder,


It seems like almost every week someone appoints themselves as the funeral director of online marketing and declares that email marketing is dead.


It troubles me that people believe this to be true.  Because I know it’s not.  When I look at the sales rolling into my account every time I send an email to my list, I know email marketing definitely isn’t dead – not by a long shot.

Here Are Three Good Reasons Why Email Marketing is Still One of the Most Profitable Things You Can Do Online…

Your prospects get notified instantly when they get an email. In the early days of email marketing, smart phones weren’t a thing yet. Now everyone has them, and many people get push notifications for emails. This makes email marketing more effective than ever!

You own the list. A lot of marketers build audiences on platforms they don’t own like Facebook. What happens when Facebook dumps you? You’re out of luck and out of a list. This doesn’t happen with email marketing, because you ALWAYS own the list (even if you change email service providers).

You can use both personalization and segmenting to create ultra-targeted, high-converting messages. You can’t do this on your blog, on social media, or anywhere else. That’s why emails convert so well!

Bottom line – if you’re not building lists, you should be.  And if you’re building lists, but not getting the results you want, then it’s time to tweak your strategy.


And that’s where my newest training guide comes in…

Introducing Email Marketing Profit Principles: A 26-Lesson Guide That Reveals the Smartest Email Marketing Strategies for Growing Your List and Profits This Year!

This is literally an A-to-Z marketing guide that covers 26 of the tips, ideas and strategies every email marketer ought to know!


Now here’s the deal…


These are my personal “tried and true” strategies for everything from creating lead magnets to segmenting your list to promoting the right offer — so you know this stuff works.


The point is I know which email marketing topics are most important to your success, and this guide covers 26 of my favorites for growing and monetizing your list.


So, let’s take a look at the 26 lessons that you’re about to get your hands on…

A is for Authority: 5 Simple Ways to Build Trust and Authority in Order to Boost Conversions

B is for Buyer Persona: How to Create Content that Really Resonates With Your Readers

C is for CTA: Creating Calls to Action that Deliver Great Results

D is for Deliverability: How to Make Sure Your Email Reaches Its Intended Recipients

E is for Evergreen: How to Create Evergreen Content That Works For You Nonstop

F is for Freemium: The Key to Creating an Enticing Freebie That Builds Your Lists and Promotes Your Offers

G is for Goals: Four Must-Know Tips for Creating Emails That Support Your Goals

H is for Hard vs. Soft Bounce: Four Must-Know Tips for Keeping Your List Clean

I is for Inactive: How to Warm Up an Ice-Cold List

J is for Joint Ventures: How to Team Up With Other People In Your Niche to Grow Your List

K is for K.I.S.S.: How to Get Your Email List Up and Running Fast

L is for Lead Page: How to Create an Effective Lead Page That Gets People Rushing to Join Your List

M is for Mobile Friendly: A Sure and Simple Way to Keep People Opening and Reading Your Emails

N is for Nurture: How to Create Strong, Trusting Relationships With Your Audience

O is for Outsourcing: How to Build Your List Nearly Hands-Free

P is for Personalization: How Getting Personal Can Have a Positive Impact On Your Conversion Rates

Q is for Qualified Lead: How to Create a Responsive List By Attracting Targeted Readership

R is for Re-engagement Campaign: How to Wake Up Your List and Turn Them Into Customers and Repeat Buyers

S is for Segmentation: How to Create Ultra-Targeted, High-Response Lists

T is for Triggers: How to Automate Some of Your Most Important Email Marketing Tasks

U is for USP: How to Set Yourself Apart From Your Competitors

V is for Viral Content: How to Get Your Subscribers to Share Your Newsletter Content With All Their Friends

W is for Welcome Series: How to Ensure Your New Subscribers and Customers Happily Stay for the Long Term

X is for X-Ray: How to Take a Closer Look at Your Email Campaigns to Start Getting Better Results

Y is for You: How to Create Reader-Oriented Content That Captures and Holds Interest

Z is for Zip Code: How Knowing Where Your Audience Lives Can Help You Boost Your Conversion Rates

As you can see, this collection of 26 lessons gives you a crash course in growing a profitable list. But now, you have one more question…

How Much Is It?

Typically when I offer this sort of training, each 1000-word lesson is about £5. And that’s a fair price, when you consider that you just need to pull out one good tip to recoup your investment.

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All you have to do is contact me within 30 days for a no-quibbles, no-questions asked, unconditional money-back guarantee.

Fair enough?

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Email marketing is still the best and most profitable way to reach your prospects, build relationships with them, and turn them into loyal customers. Now you too can learn some of my favorite strategies for building and growing a profitable list. Click the buy button now to get started.